Bible Study

9u0agrrfvg2ftfykdpsp0jtqkzl.jpgMonday evenings beginning September 9th at 6pm in the Padua Room
Friday Mornings beginning September 6th, 10am in the Padua Room.

The Story of How Christ Established His Kingdom 

Matthew: The King and His Kingdom study program shows how Jesus fulfills God’s promises to Israel and establishes his kingdom on earth. Through references to the Old Testament promises of God to his people and the messages God sent them through the prophets, the Matthew Bible study program provides the key to understanding the rest of the New Testament and Christ as the fulfillment of God’s plan.

Matthew portrays Jesus as the true King who fulfills the Law the people of Israel have failed to keep and who introduces the new law that will accompany the New Covenant. In this 24-part study of the Gospel of Matthew, presenter Jeff Cavins explains how Jesus is challenging and empowering us to a new level of holiness and shows how we must be thoroughly immersed in the kingdom of heaven on earth, the Church, to live it.  

The cost for the Study Kit is $32. Please do not let the cost prevent you from joining! Scholarships are available! To register, call the office (503) 357-2989