Pastoral Council
Meets quarterly

The Pastoral Council serves as the pastoral planning body for the parish. It is responsible for the on-going process of identifying needs and developing the pastoral ministry of the parish and to direct the parish to become a close-knit community.

The membership of the Pastoral Council is composed of Christian faithful parishioners who are active Catholics in St. Anthony Parish, along with those who share in the pastoral care of the parish in virtue of their office. The parishioners shall elect Six (6) Members of the seven member pastoral council for a 3 year term.

Vice Chair

Deacon John
Van Dyke 




Finance Council
Meets Quarterly on 2nd Thursday of the month - 6:00pm

The Finance Council of St. Anthony Church in Forest Grove in Oregon is established pursuant to provisions of the Code of Canon Law promulgated in 1983. Its function is to serve the Parish in assisting with managing and conserving its material resources. The Finance Council shall be guided by the Code of Canon Law or the Archdiocesan guidelines, and is constituted primarily to undertake those functions set forth for it in the Code.

The recommendations and, where appropriate, consent of the Finance Council shall provide a foundation of evaluation and recommendations to assist the Pastor and the governing structure of St. Anthony's in their actions and decisions on financial matters. Council members are appointed by the Pastor and are not elected by parishioners. The term of office is 5 years.

David Lomartire
Jennifer Miron
Dcn. Jesus Espinoza  



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