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Pastor's Note| Fourth Sunday of Easter| April 30, 2023

Posted by Delma Garcia on 4/28/23

Fourth Sunday of Easter

Are you at an impasse in your spiritual growth or emotional healing or a difficult relationship? Do you need a breakthrough? Do you feel stuck behind a fence that's keeping you on the outside of peace, joy, satisfaction, or healing?

This Sunday's Gospel reading tells ... Read More »

Pastor's Note| Third Sunday of Easter| April 23, 2023

Posted by Delma Garcia on 4/21/23

Third Sunday of Easter

The two disciples in this Sunday's Gospel reading did not recognize Jesus until after they heard him explain the scriptures and then broke bread with him. It was a two-part process.

First, while listening to him teach about the scriptures, only their hearts recognized him. ... Read More »

Pastor's Note| Second Sunday of Easter| April 16, 2023

Posted by Delma Garcia on 4/14/23

Second Sunday of Easter

How well do we live the Easter experience in our daily lives? We are an Easter people, because we know and celebrate that Jesus has risen from the dead. And yet, we're not always shouting, "Hallelujah!" We don't always feel like celebrating -- not in ... Read More »

Pastor's Note| Easter Sunday| April 9, 2023

Posted by Delma Garcia on 4/06/23

Easter Sunday

Are you ready to proclaim the Good News about how Jesus has helped you? What holds you back? Do you hesitate because you don't yet understand how the deaths in your life (the sacrifices, the lost hope, the broken relationships, etc.) have been resurrected into new life?

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