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Pastor's Note| Palm Sunday| April 2, 2023

Posted by Delma Garcia on 3/31/23

Palm Sunday

The word "passion" has powerful implications. Theologically, we use it to describe the suffering love that Jesus endured for each of us when he was beaten, mocked and crucified as he willingly took onto himself the punishment and destructive forces of our sins.

The world counterfeits the ... Read More »

Pastor's Note| 5th Sunday of Lent| March 26, 2023

Posted by Delma Garcia on 3/24/23

5th Sunday of Lent

Lent is not about suffering and sacrifice. It's a corridor to new life. Good Friday is not about evil and pain and death. It's the door that Jesus opens to invite us into that new life.

Yes, suffering is part of the Lenten journey (which ... Read More »

Pastor's Note| Fourth Sunday of Lent| March 19, 2023

Posted by Delma Garcia on 3/17/23

4th Sunday of Lent

Conversion to Christ is a process. The blind man in the Gospel reading exemplifies this journey into faith. Notice that at first he did not go to Jesus. Jesus came to him. The man responded by waiting to see what would happen and then by ... Read More »

Pastor's Note| 3rd Sunday of Lent| March 12, 2023

Posted by Delma Garcia on 3/10/23

3rd Sunday of Lent

What are you thirsty for? Thirst is what happens when we lack something vital. Water is essential for our physical survival, and our bodies signal us when it's time to drink fluids to stay healthy.

Likewise, water is necessary for our spiritual survival, albeit a ... Read More »