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Pastor's Note| 13th Sunday in Ordinary Time| June 27, 2021

Posted by Parri Van Dyke on 6/25/21

Wouldn't it be great if we could actually touch and feel the hem of Jesus' clothing, like the woman in this Sunday's Gospel reading? To be near enough to Jesus to be healed spiritually, physically, and emotionally. How can we, more than 2000 years after he ascended to heaven, ... Read More »

Pastor's Note| 12th Sunday in Ordinary Time| June 20, 2021

Posted by Parri Van Dyke on 6/17/21

It's hurricane season where I live in Florida. Some people believe that destructive storms are punishments from God. While it is true that people deserve to be punished for their immorality, Jesus took the Father's righteous wrath upon his own body, accepting torture, shedding blood, and dying, so that ... Read More »

Pastor's Note| 11th Sunday in Ordinary Time| June 13, 2021

Posted by Parri Van Dyke on 6/11/21

This week, something is going to happen that will give you the opportunity to touch someone's life with God's love. Watch for it. If you consciously choose to make the most of the situation, you might feel challenged, perhaps a bit nervous or intimidated, but you will experience the ... Read More »

Pastor's Note| Solemnity of the Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ| June 6, 2021

Posted by Parri Van Dyke on 6/04/21

This Sunday's readings speak to us of the Eucharist: "the blood of the covenant" and "the cup of salvation". What does the Eucharist mean to you?

Christ came to earth to serve us as our high priest. Unlike the Jewish priests of the Old Testament, who atoned for the ... Read More »