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Pastor's Note| Solemnity of the Most Holy Trinity| May 30, 2021

Posted by Parri Van Dyke on 5/27/21

You are very special to God. You belong to God -- all of God: Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

The reason why it's so important to be baptized in the name of the full Holy Trinity, as Jesus instructs in this Sunday's Gospel reading, instead of only through Jesus our Savior ... Read More »

Pastor's Note| Pentecost Sunday| May 23, 2021

Posted by Parri Van Dyke on 5/21/21

The Holy Spirit is Christ's Spirit generously given to us so that we can be holy and continue the ministry that Christ began. On our own, we cannot be like Jesus, but if his Spirit is alive and active within us, we have Christ's holiness, his faith, his supernatural ... Read More »

Pastor's Note| Solemnity of the Ascension of the Lord| May 16, 2021

Posted by Parri Van Dyke on 5/21/21

Sometimes we find ourselves in the same posture as the disciples in today's first reading, looking up at the sky where we last saw Jesus, not moving, just staring at nothing, waiting for him to come back and do something to rescue this world from its evil. It seems ... Read More »

Pastor's Note| Sixth Sunday of Easter| May 9, 2021

Posted by Parri Van Dyke on 5/07/21

In this Sunday's Gospel reading, Jesus tells us that the Holy Spirit is our "Advocate". Some scholars translate the word to "Counselor". In the original Greek, it means "called alongside". It's closely related to the verb "parakaleo" ("to call" or "summon") from which we get "Paraclete" as a name ... Read More »