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Pastor's Note| Solemnity of the Most Holy Trinity| June 4, 2023

Posted by Delma Garcia on 6/02/23

Solemnity of the Most Holy Trinity

On the first Sunday after Pentecost, we celebrate and honor God's character as the Most Holy Trinity.

The first reading shows us the Father as he parented the baby nation of Israel. We see that he is "a merciful and gracious God, slow ... Read More »

Pastor's Note| Pentecost Sunday| May 28,2023

Posted by Delma Garcia on 5/26/23

Pentecost Sunday

"Lord, send out your Spirit, and renew the face of the earth." This is our prayer in the responsorial Psalm for Pentecost. It's the reason the Church can exist and continues to exist. We live in the age of the Holy Spirit.

Without the power and presence ... Read More »

Pastor's Note| The Ascension of the Lord| May 21, 2023

Posted by Delma Garcia on 5/19/23

The Ascension of the Lord

In the Gospel reading for this Sunday, Jesus states the Great Commission. He still repeats it today and at the end of every Mass when, through the priest, he sends us on our way. "Go," he says. "Go and make disciples wherever I send you."

A disciple is a student. Think of people you know who are mere followers of Christ, people who claim to believe in Jesus but who are not learning how to imitate Christ, adult Catholics who stopped their religious education a long time ago. Their faith is not enough to change the world, because they live more like the world than like holy representatives of Christ. Or they live more miserably, less joyfully than those who know how much Jesus cares about them. Or they are unpleasant to be around, because they have not developed enough humility to exude ... Read More »

Pastor's Note| Sixth Sunday of Easter| May 14, 2023

Posted by Delma Garcia on 5/12/23

Sixth Sunday of Easter

In this Sunday's Gospel reading, Jesus tells us that the Holy Spirit is our "Advocate". Some scholars translate the word to "Counselor". In the original Greek, it means "called alongside". It's closely related to the verb "parakaleo" ("to call" or "summon") from which we get ... Read More »

Pastor's Note| Fifth Sunday of Easter| May 7, 2023

Posted by Delma Garcia on 5/05/23

Fifth Sunday of Easter

This Sunday's Gospel reading ends with a very astounding verse: "Whoever believes in me will do the works I do, and greater far than these." What does he mean? How can we do the same -- and greater -- miracles than Jesus himself did?

The answer is ... Read More »

Pastor's Note| Fourth Sunday of Easter| April 30, 2023

Posted by Delma Garcia on 4/28/23

Fourth Sunday of Easter

Are you at an impasse in your spiritual growth or emotional healing or a difficult relationship? Do you need a breakthrough? Do you feel stuck behind a fence that's keeping you on the outside of peace, joy, satisfaction, or healing?

This Sunday's Gospel reading tells ... Read More »

Pastor's Note| Third Sunday of Easter| April 23, 2023

Posted by Delma Garcia on 4/21/23

Third Sunday of Easter

The two disciples in this Sunday's Gospel reading did not recognize Jesus until after they heard him explain the scriptures and then broke bread with him. It was a two-part process.

First, while listening to him teach about the scriptures, only their hearts recognized him. ... Read More »

Pastor's Note| Second Sunday of Easter| April 16, 2023

Posted by Delma Garcia on 4/14/23

Second Sunday of Easter

How well do we live the Easter experience in our daily lives? We are an Easter people, because we know and celebrate that Jesus has risen from the dead. And yet, we're not always shouting, "Hallelujah!" We don't always feel like celebrating -- not in ... Read More »

Pastor's Note| Easter Sunday| April 9, 2023

Posted by Delma Garcia on 4/06/23

Easter Sunday

Are you ready to proclaim the Good News about how Jesus has helped you? What holds you back? Do you hesitate because you don't yet understand how the deaths in your life (the sacrifices, the lost hope, the broken relationships, etc.) have been resurrected into new life?

... Read More »

Pastor's Note| Palm Sunday| April 2, 2023

Posted by Delma Garcia on 3/31/23

Palm Sunday

The word "passion" has powerful implications. Theologically, we use it to describe the suffering love that Jesus endured for each of us when he was beaten, mocked and crucified as he willingly took onto himself the punishment and destructive forces of our sins.

The world counterfeits the ... Read More »