Stained Glass Window Restoration Project



Our beautiful windows were purchased from St. Joseph's Catholic Church in Salem, Oregon. That church had been razed and the windows couldn't be used in their new church. We paid $1500 and the windows were trucked up to Forest Grove and stored in a barn until they could be installed in our new church. Some parishioners say the church was built around the windows.

It is believed that the windows were designed and crafted between 1890 and 1910. They are most likely designed by Povey Brothers Art Glass Works, the premier Stained Glass artists in the Northwest at that time.

Historic Restoration

Our windows are in great need of repair. The current windows do not have vents, allowing moisture to accumulate. This has lead to the deterioration of the windows and the framing. They need to be cleaned and re-leaded. This will most likely involve removing the windows to be restored at another location.


We have already begun fundraising for the restoration of the windows. You can use your Stained Glass Windows envelope you received in the mail and place in the collection basket. You can give easily online at WeShare. If you would like to contribute the entire amount for a window, $19,000, we will place a memorial plaque below that window. Call the office with questions.